Dear client,

The consequences of the Corona virus and the measures taken to prevent the spreading of the virus lays a heavy burden on the entire world and thus on The Netherlands.

Daily life is restricted due to the side effects of the necessary measures taken. Whether it concerns washing your hands more often, getting used to keep 1.5 meter distance, empty shelves in the supermarkets or not being able to have your family and friends nearby.

Businesswise we are confronted with delays that occur on international transports, the inaccessibility or even temporary closure of companies, stocks running out and employees forced to work at home.

Business is severely affected by this situation. Emeko Techniek BV too is not able to escape these consequences. Besides the precautionary measurements as prescribed by our government and RIVM, we have taken action in an early stage to secure the continuity of our deliveries.

  • We have optimized our stocks even further.
  • We have contacted those clients with which we have long-term contracts to investigate their needs, examine the feasibility and keep monitoring the situation.
  • Also we have contacted our suppliers and logistics subcontractors. Together with them we have investigated the options for the coming period of time.
  • Internally we have assured ourselves of the coperation of our entire team. We have given them the opportunity to (re)arrange their labour within a given framework. Together we work on a proper balance between a comfortable home-situation and company continuity.


Although we are not able to look into the future, we are convinced that this package of measurements will enable us to keep providing our clients with the best possible service:

  • Rush orders are handled and delivered quickly, as usual.
  • We still deliver support and expertise on a daily basis; either through telephone or digital communications. And under strict circumstances: even on site.
  • Our entire team is here to help you; whether working from the office, the workshop, the warehouse or from home.

All employees of Emeko Techniek BV wish you lots of strength.

We shall remain available to facilitate you; together we will overcome this crisis!


With kind regards,

John Scheffel – Sales manager

Keep fighting Corona: keep your distance, stay healthy, remain involved!!